Why the Member Project is essential

People are the essence of a community. Of course the infrastructure, natural environment, and the systems that keep the community going are all important. But, it is the people, that are the heart and soul of the community. 

Similarly, members of an association are important for that association to grow, be self-sufficient, and engage with other networks of communities. Particularly for associations seeking to use their "crowd" to have an influence in the world, members who are active and engaged become a necessary component if that influence is going to be achieved, sustained, and used properly.

The Plantagon Member Project is one of those opportunities to achieve this end. By showing members what the return on their investments are, it helps engage and keep them engaged. Moreover, it helps Plantagon grow. In my ideas section, I will begin to articulate one project and outline future ones, that can be used to grow Plantagon, make it economically self-sufficient, grow its influence, and create an active, engaged community of members. I hope you will join and support me and my colleagues Justine Clerc and Liz Mariani amongst the other voices, in our efforts to achieve these and other ends. 


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