In this world of ours, greed, short-term strategies and fear are strongly supported by the system. As an example one can reflect upon the fact that among the very largest world markets are the markets for weapons, narcotics, tobacco, sex, and environmentally disastrous fossil energy.

There is no way we can continue business as usual, if we want a liveable future for mankind. And we should never forget that we do have a choice.

We need to see corporations that are not only fixated on money. We need to see corporations going beyond even the environmental and broader sustainability imperatives. We need to see corporations built from a deep sense of responsibility for the common good. This means a core business that is good for society, as well as democratic and transparent organizations that are able to balance commercial success with idealistic principles.

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Our contribution to this necessary change is the Companization, a new and modern kind of company with maximum competitiveness, building on good corporate citizenship, transparency and democratic values.

The basic principle is to combine and balance commercial and value based driving forces in one organization, exploring how to make money while doing good and using the power of money and public support to achieve benefits for society in general, over and above economic progress.

Right now, we use the Companization model to run Plantagon - one of the innovation leaders of the world within the area of food systems for the city.

This may be the first company to show that sharing rather than greed leads to financial success.

Let's prove Business As Usual is Over!


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