We are a new type of company, not a new type of association.

A Companization will not work without a successful company and a non-profit side that is economically strong enough to hire its own professional management. Now, after starting up Plantagon being the commercial innovation world leader for urban agriculture, we need to focus on recruiting thousands of members to create the world’s most influential Corporate Citizenship movement. We need to really kick off our non-profit side to be able to hire the best professionals there are.

Companization, owners and members elect two boards (one for the company, one for the association) that are responsible to finance and organize the development. Initially this means to hire professionals executing the work.

So far, we have been successful executing this on the for-profit side, but failed next to totally on the non-profit side*.
Let´s say two years from now; primarily hired personnel should perform the association’s work. To get there, we need members as supporters. In one way, being a member of Plantagon is like buying something from a brand who’s values you support. The huge difference between an ordinary brand and Plantagon though, is that you can engage to have influence.
Still, I have met several disappointed members feeling they didn’t get what they expected from Plantagon. Of course that makes me feel very, very bad. But it is important that you understand that Plantagon is not a new kind of non-profit organization that focuses on social community. No, Plantagon is a new kind of profit-driven organization that has its focus on the commercial side but democratizing its governance, giving you responsibilities and rights. We give you the impact of an owner without you having to invest in the company.
At this stage of development though, I suggest your main objective should be to support a sound business during its up build. Use your membership as a concrete example on making a stand for what you believe is right: Business as Usual is Over.

This membership platform right here is where it all continues. Like any other non-profit organization we have to recruit members and sponsorships to build up our economy. And, The Closure Right inspiring people to pay ten years membership fee in advance, is what we invented to help speed up this economical development.

Why not ask your employer or university to pay a 100 year organizational membership for EUR 1 000 and then give away the 10 Closure Rights - the world's first tax free but worthless (?) share - as gifts to staff, clients or students?
Let’s dream. In five years, being 100 000 members:

  • We have the financial strength to be the most influential non-profit association there is on Corporate Citizenship.
  • We will launch more innovations using our own money to seed finance the start-ups.
  • Our urban agriculture business is mature giving us dividends.
  • By existence, we would show the world that sharing and responsibility created, and keeps creating, sustainable business.

Then, we would have a serious positive impact on how to use entrepreneurship, money and companies to create common good.

/ Hans


*Still we got lots of things done, by getting help from our company and its partners: initiating the Global Urban Agriculture Summit so far arranged in Washington DC 2011, Linköping Sweden 2013 and Bonn 2014), we initiated a seminar in the European Parliament and the world´s first standardization work for sustainable food production in cities SIS


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