Our film, "The Plantagon Message", screened at Native Film Festival

Our film, "The Plantagon Message" is featured at the Native Film Festival - incredible!




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  • commented 2013-12-30 08:25:16 +0100
    Thank you
  • commented 2013-08-12 01:41:25 +0200
    I also think this is a brilliant collaboration between the cinematography, Oren’s oration, and the music. It’s really moving.
  • commented 2013-07-31 20:56:26 +0200
    And action calls for collaboration. Collaboration calls for creativity. Creativity calls for the capacity to take risk and push edges. It can start with a series of Twitter messages, a bunch of emails, waking up from a dream with a great idea and calling a friend. It can come from a productive business meeting or result from a chance meeting at a professional or academic conference.
  • commented 2013-07-28 19:39:57 +0200
    A beautiful message that needs attention. Attention that calls for action.

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