Onondaga Nation and their friends making history while you read this...

Sharing this in deep proudness of being a small, small part of the Haudenosaunee (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iroquois) history through Plantagon. This is history being made by our owners as you read this - challenging the Doctrine of Discovery.

An update on the progress of the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign. The Dakota Unity Riders arrive in Syracuse today. The send-off celebration festival is on Saturday from 10-5 at Russell Sage College in Troy, and they launch from Albany on Sunday morning at 10 am. Please click on this link for more information about the itinerary and events http://honorthetworow.org/epic-canoe-trip/itinerary-and-map/ 

Here is a link to the first in a series of short videos by filmmaker Gwendolen Cates for the Onondaga Nation. This 6-minute video is an introduction to the campaign and historic canoe journey.

Gwendolen will continue to post videos as they travel down the Hudson.


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  • commented 2013-12-29 20:25:55 +0100
    Thank you
  • commented 2013-08-11 18:04:35 +0200
    I’m also proud to have witnessed this, albeit, virtually. As someone who has spent most of her life in New York State, I’m glad to see this renewal. Much of our education from public schools did not do the true history of the Haudenosaunee justice, to say the least. This entire event has helped us all remember. It’s a big deal.
  • commented 2013-07-27 17:44:00 +0200
    Me too, indeed. But we are also contributing to the development through our work in Plantagon. This makes me… breathe deeply.
  • commented 2013-07-27 10:50:22 +0200
    This message conveys heartfelt congratulations towards this momentous feat being achieved. A moment in history is being written…and am proud to be a witness.

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