We are a new type of company, not a new type of association.

A Companization will not work without a successful company and a non-profit side that is economically strong enough to hire its own professional management. Now, after starting up Plantagon being the commercial innovation world leader for urban agriculture, we need to focus on recruiting thousands of members to create the world’s most influential Corporate Citizenship movement. We need to really kick off our non-profit side to be able to hire the best professionals there are.

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Stockholm School of Companization

Now you can be part of beta-testing the web education tool built upon the book "Business as Usual is Over". It will be accessible to all members also later, but right now it's free for anyone to try out.


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Third and forth Plantagon Seminar

Summer and vacation time is upcoming, but before all that, we would like to share some information with you regarding the previous and upcoming Plantagon seminars.

On June 9th Dr. Dickson Despommier from Columbia University joined us in Stockholm for an event titled 'Enabling Technology for Smart Sustainable Cities'. Around 70 excited listeners showed up for the seminar, almost exceeding the maximum capacity of the venue! Not only were Dr. Despommier speaking, but the event also starred other interesting speakers such as Gustaf Landahl, Head of Department at the City of Stockholm, Christina Lindbäck, Sustainability Director at NCC, Sepehr Mousavi, Sustainability Strategist at Plantagon and Anna H Kramers, Doctor at KTH.

For our next seminar, scheduled early October, we will invite Dr. Jan de Wilt, Agribusiness Program Manager at the Dutch Innovation Network (InnovatieNetwerk) for a talk about "new practices and ideas for feeding cities in 2050". Stay tuned to hear more about the date, time and what other speakers will frame Dr. de Wilt's talk this time.

That was all from us for now.

Wishing you all a great summer and vacation,

Warm Regards



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Please welcome the new CEO of Plantagon!

fog2p0nbrwqjdrjdk2u3.jpgSTOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, May 3, 2016 –– Plantagon International AB’s co-founder and current CEO Hans Hassle will take on the role of General Secretary for Plantagon International Association. The new CEO will be Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Owe Pettersson.

“Hans has taken the Plantagon brand to the world-leading position we have today. My ambition is to consolidate the operations that are now under way and develop the company into a strong player in the industry for sustainable food production in cities,” says Owe Pettersson, Plantagon CEO. “The industry has grown quickly the past few years, largely as a result of Hans’ and Plantagon’s pioneering work. My responsibility will include commercializing the great values and opportunities Hans has built up”.

Plantagon, founded 2008, uses a new organizational model, developed by Hans Hassle. The model, that has been internationally acclaimed and awarded, perpetuates commercial success through very close relationships with stakeholders. The stakeholder theory is more inclusive than is generally the case, and particularly aims to maintain a sense of commitment and responsibility on the part of the owners in the long term.

“My role as General Secretary for the owner association, Plantagon International Association, will involve supporting long-term development of Plantagon as a whole,” says Hans Hassle, General Secretary Plantagon International Association. “My work will focus on high-level contacts with cities, investors, policy decision-makers and real estate companies – at the same time that I work to develop our grassroots work, which is my personal passion. The goal is to help the company generate concrete business and long-term financial strength through ongoing interaction with our stakeholders and our large network. We are strengthening our organisation and producing a sharper competitive edge.”

In conjunction with Owe Pettersson taking on the role as the new CEO of Plantagon International AB, the company’s co-founder and the first Chairman of the Board Professor Oren R. Lyons will proceed to a new assignment, becoming Chairman of the Board for Plantagon International Association. Mr Sidney Hill, representing the main owner Onondaga Nation, will be the new Chairman of the Board for Plantagon International AB.

“Taking over after role model and legend Professor Lyons will naturally pose a big challenge, but the assignment is very inspirational at the same time. As a representative of Plantagon International AB’s current principal owner, I also feel a great deal of responsibility in terms of continuing to steer the company along the path we decided upon when Plantagon was founded in 2008. Part of the work will involve further strengthening the Board’s expertise, so that we can adjust to the development we see coming,” says Sidney Hill, Chairman of the Board for Plantagon International AB.

“Now that Hans and I are moving to Plantagon International Association, we are taking the next step in the very long-term journey that we embarked upon together back in 1998. Our shared driving force is to promote a market with a more human face by proving that sharing and taking responsibility are beneficial to owners. We need a shift in values as companies obtain increasingly greater influence over societal development. High profitability, but not ‘Business as Usual’ – that time is over,” says Professor Lyons, Chairman of the Board for Plantagon International Association.

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Dear members of Plantagon International Association

At the annual meeting that was held at Plantagon in Stockholm on September 17th, 2015 a new board was elected. The new members are Oren Lyons (chairman), Magnus Hjelmare, Camilla Weichert and Sepehr Mousavi. This board was proposed by the nomination committee led by Maja Stilling and was approved by the annual meeting.

The reason for the board being so small - only four persons which is the minimum number the board can have according to our statutes - is that the nomination committee advised the annual meeting that during an interim phase the board's work should focus on doing concrete activities with the goal of recruiting new members. To achieve this as quickly as possible a small group of people in the board will make decision making easier and get things going - more action, less talk.

As spokesperson for the new board I want to share that we will put every effort into selling more lectures on the Companization, since this is the best way to create income for the association as well as make more people interested in joining the association. During the spring both Sepehr and I have sold lectures like this, and we are convinced that it is possible to sell many more. Anyone interested in doing this should contact us - we have a presentation that anyone can use and we will train you on using this - please send an e-mail to magnus.hjelmare@plantagon.com

The next board meeting will be open to all members who want to listen in - join us over Skype or come to Plantagon if you are in Stockholm. We will invite you when we have a date set; right now we are focusing on getting the sales of lectures going.

You can find the minutes from the annual meeting below or here, and using this link (http://www.plantagon.org/we_are_a_new_type_of_company_not_a_new_type_of_association) you will take part of Hans Hassle's view on the current situation in the association.

Best regards,

Magnus Hjelmare



Minutes of annual meeting, Plantagon Non Profit Assocation, September 17th 2015, 17.00 – 19.00 (CEST)

§1. Opening of the annual meeting

The meeting was called to order.

a.   Election of chairman

  • Magnus Hjelmare was elected chairman of the meeting.

b.   Election of secretary for the meeting.

  • Sara Grundemark was elected secretary of the meeting.

c.   Election of certifiers and tellers  (person responsible for counting the votes)

  • Mats Hellström and Henrik Passmark were elected certifiers and tellers of the meeting.

§2. Establish a quorum

The quorum was established and approved. See attachment 1. 

§3. Approval of proposed agenda

The proposed agenda was approved.

§ 4. Approval of how the meeting was called

The meeting was determined duly convened. 

§ 5. The Board’s administration report 

Due to many board members leaving their posts it has been difficult to establish a good working group. Lack of consistency in meetings and lack of leadership has contributed to few decisions and actions being taken. 

§ 6. Financial report

a.    Presentation of annual report and auditor’s report

Since it is not mandatory to have an auditor’s report for the association during the interim period, such report has not been compiled. However, the board would like to share the following information regarding the financial situation.

  • There are 206 closure right members and 331 members in total
  • The income generated is mainly based upon consultancy work made for the city of Malmö. The work was performed by the for profit company, but the work was initiated as non profit and the grants went to the PNA. Also, paid seminars and lectures at universities and companies have generated income as well as members. Retail of memberships, t-shirts and other items in the shop has also contributed to the income.
  • Expenses during the financial year includes the hiring of Sepehr Mousavizadeh during a shorter period of time, work performed related to the annual report and work performed to develop the members’ digital platform.

§ 7. Decisions on

a.    establishment of profit and loss account and balance sheet

The profit and loss account were presented and established by the meeting.

b.    disposal concerning the association´s profit or loss according to the established balance sheet,

The meeting resolved that the profit should be transferred to the new balance sheet.   

c.    approval of that the activities complied with the purpose requirements as stated in the regulations and

The meeting approved that the activities comply with the purpose requirements as stated in the regulations. This in accordance with § 5.

d.    freedom from responsibility for the members of the board and management.

The board was discharged from liability.

§ 8. Establishment of remunerations for members of the Board and auditor

The quorum approved to empower the board to make decisions on remuneration.  

§ 9. Election of Board and if appropriate election of auditor and auditor deputies and deputies for the members of the board

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir suggested that 8 people should be elected in the board in difference to the proposal of the board consisting of 4 people, which was suggested by the nomination committee. A vote was made according to these two suggestions:

    Votes in favor of 8 people: 

    Henrik Passmark

    Yusuf Abdul- Qadir

    Afnan Ahmed

    Ian Blochwitz

Votes in favor of 4 people: 

    Mats Hellström

    Karin Hassle

    Lars Holmberg

    Sepehr Mousavizadeh

    Shrikant Ramakrishnan

    Owe Pettersson

    Sara Grundemark

    Magnus Hjelmare

Hans Hassle abstained voting. 

The following Board members were proposed by the nomination committee and elected by the quorum:

Oren Lyons

Magnus Hjelmare

Sepehr Mousavizadeh

Camilla Weichert

Auditor: No auditor was chosen. The meeting suggests that PwC should accept the role as auditor on pro- bono.

§ 10. Additional matters transferred to the annual meeting from the Board 

There were no additional matters transferred to the annual meeting.

§ 11. Additional matters

  • Plantagon initiated a work on standardization for Urban Agriculture together with SIS that has been taken up on an ISO level. 
  • A discussion about Hans Hassle leaving as CEO of Plantagon International AB and moving to the Non Profit side has been initiated. When and if this might happen is not decided.
  • Hans Hassle suggested that Plantagon Non Profit Association should have national boards or chapters within the Non Profit Association and one umbrella organization. The recruitment of members could be performed within each chapter where they can create their own activities. This enables smaller working group to work locally but still connect in the international organization. It was suggested that the board etablish a working group to realize this proposal.
  • Hans Hassle informed that AMF has been introduced to the idea of the non-profit side working as consultants to implement the Global Compact in AMF. This gives great possibilities for the PNA to earn money.
  • The board has a responsibility to establish a sound economy in the association by carrying out activities that lead to income for the association. It is also the board’s responsibility to increase the number of members.

§ 12. Closing of the meeting

The meeting was declared closed. 


If you have any questions please send an email to:


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Plantagon Standardisation project

In the beginning of year 2014 Plantagon has initiated a project to develop the world’s first set of standards on
‘’Sustainable Urban Food Production’’ together with Swedish Standards Institute, SIS. Our involvements led to
formation of a technical committee at national level consisting of experts from various Swedish governmental,
private, Academic and R&D institutions and organizations. Plantagon chairs this Technical Committee.

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In this world of ours, greed, short-term strategies and fear are strongly supported by the system. As an example one can reflect upon the fact that among the very largest world markets are the markets for weapons, narcotics, tobacco, sex, and environmentally disastrous fossil energy.

There is no way we can continue business as usual, if we want a liveable future for mankind. And we should never forget that we do have a choice.

We need to see corporations that are not only fixated on money. We need to see corporations going beyond even the environmental and broader sustainability imperatives. We need to see corporations built from a deep sense of responsibility for the common good. This means a core business that is good for society, as well as democratic and transparent organizations that are able to balance commercial success with idealistic principles.

logo.jpg              Plantagon.Greenhouse.Day.light.jpg

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