A new way of thinking

For a long time, corporate governance models have looked the same. Generating profit has been a main concern. However, maximizing profit is no longer a single reason for a company to exist.

Our business model is called the Companization. It's a hybrid between a company and an association open for all, and we create some powerful changes together!

What you get

It's not just a membership - it's a statement! When you become a member, you take a stand and you tell others that you believe in something else than greed.

Membership types

  • Free

    Not ready to commit?

    Enjoy a welcoming gift and learn more about the companization!

    Plantagon membership Surface
  • €10/1 year

    Full membership

    Voting rights, welcoming gift, web school, 10% webshop discount

    Plantagon membership Shallow
  • €100/10 years

    Full membership

    Voting rights, welcoming gift, web school, 20% webshop discount, 1 Closure Right

    Plantagon membership Deep
  • €1000
    Organization membership

    Seminar, web schools, webshop discounts, management tools 10 Closure Rights

    Plantagon membership Deep

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