How can I participate as a volonteer?

What I've now come to realise is that I would like to volunteer abroad for the good of Plantagon.  
Is there a way? How amazing it would be if it was! 
If it isn't there should be a way... and perhaps someone reading this knows of another way of helping out in a similar way. If so, please let me know. I wanna do more, for the world.


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    Dear Shrikant!

    Thank you for your kind respons, helping me to explore any thoughts conserining joining in as a volunteer.
    Actually I didn’t have any specific thoughts, I just feelt that I wanted (still want) to contribute with whatever I could (and can) and by stating that I was available to help Plantagon, more hoping someone would see a place for me…
    …and now the wheels are in motion.

    I met with Owe Pettersson yesterday and we went through some possabilities, which I feel like a great start.

    Thank you again for writing.
    Wish you a great 2014!
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    Hej Martin, I was curious to know what you actually meant by ‘to volunteer abroad for the good of Plantagon’. Did you have any ideas on how you want to manifest this idea of yours. Please feel free to write in and there are certainly global opportunities for members, that can be explored. Waiting to hear from your desk. Wishes for a Splendid Christmas Season and a Brilliant 2014 too.
  • commented 2013-12-20 06:55:06 +0100
    Hello Martin:

    Are you still interesed in ways to volunteer? I noticed that there is a campaign right now and if you check the blog, maybe you can help spread the word about it.
    Also, check out the Platagon Weekly at and share it with people you think would be interested. Short of that, being an active, engaged member is always a great step to maximize Plantagon’s work. Use this portal as a vehicle to share your ideas.

    Happy Holidays!

    Yusuf :)
  • commented 2013-11-20 10:09:03 +0100
    Thank you Yusuf,

    for your kind and fast response. Well, I’m already a member. I was actually one of the very first members who went for the 10 year membership (including closure right).

    I will definitely contact you and Liz. I have already made contact with Hans Hassle since we’ve had contact since 2004. But I’m interested in all angles possible in/of this.

    Again, thank you Yusuf!
  • commented 2013-11-19 19:32:43 +0100
    I can say Martin that I’m inspired that you feel as I do about Plantagon. Some people see a greenhouse and an amazing innovation (though that is also what it is). Others see a newer, better way to do business (which, too is what it is). For me, Plantagon is a way to show that the average guy (or gal), can do above average things and that there are committed people wanting (and doing) more for the world.
    If you haven’t, you should become a member. This provides an unique opportunity to create a path to achieving what you addressed above: your desire to volunteer for the good of Plantagon. This can be the first, concrete step to doing this.
    If you need any information you should certainly contact me at There is also Liz Mariani at and Justine Clerc at Each of us, and I’m sure others, would be more than willing to brainstorm with you ideas and ways to achieve your goals.
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