Suggestions on how to build one in my city and other ideas

Hello fellow members! I just joined and am excited to be a member as this is in alignment with my values for our global community. I wanted to ask what suggestions the members have in order to get a building similar to the one in Linkoping built in my city and country, Calgary, Alberta Canada? Also, is there any work that I'm able to do here on behalf of Plantagon? What roles are available? I've also had an idea for a number of years, that I'd like to open up a school k - 12, where children are taught differently (i.e. learning about sustainable vertical farming, compassion for the earth and animals that we're guardians of (I'm vegan!), how to be loving kindness and coming from that place in all decisions and actions, emotional intelligence and not just brain intelligence, all the research on how to have healthy brains = healthy people, relationship intelligence, being creative, active, meditative, etc.) since they're the future leaders of our world (I think I read it from the Dalai Lama, if everyone under the age of 8 meditated, there would be peace in the future). Thank you in advance for any feedback, I'm excited to see where Plantagon goes! Best, Marianne


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    Hi Marianne, sorry that no one commented on your posting yet. We are working on getting this site going. Right now there are not so many volunteering opportunities, other than spreading the word of course! You can log into the beta-test of the Stockholm School of Companization though to learn more about the governance model Hope other member give you moore feedback on other ideas.
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