Youth Urban Agriculture Summit

From one perspective, it could be said that what we do for the future generations should really include these future generations in the conversation regardless of the lack of conventional expertise. They have visions, ideas, concerns and they are smart. If there is any way possible, they should have their own summit, maybe a 10-25 speaker age cap. Maybe a portion of the upcoming summit could include the voices, ideas and contributions of youth. Thoughts?


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  • commented 2013-12-30 15:54:37 +0100
    Thank you for your response Shrikant. As with everything Plantagon does and sponsors, such a competition would require proper planning, promotion and a highly organized approach. Yes, this is the first step towards manifesting the 7th Generation focus and vision. Too often, youth are overlooked as essential participants in decisions that affect the world we are leaving them. Perhaps a conference could also include a summer workshop leading into the conference. Lots of themed summer camps exist throughout the world, some for religious reasons, some for experiences in nature, some for music and film exposure and interest. Why not sponsor a summer workshop that leads into a conference?
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    Thank you
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    Liz, the idea of encouraging the younger generation towards the urban agriculture cause would seem as the closest step towards the 7th generation. Could this idea be introduced more as a competition to involve a regulated approach to problem-solving and also conclude with a side-event that allows a ‘Crowning’ ceremony for the winner with a suitable prize-to.go with the efforts towards sustainability.? Positively worth a thought.
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    Your ideas!: Youth Urban Agriculture Summit
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