Kinetic Energy - There’s crowd sourcing & then there’s Crowd Sourcing.

The Wild Idea

Good ideas stick.  Could it be possible to simultaneously solve the obesity epidemic in the States and provide an additional source of energy for the Plantagon greenhouses? I know it sounds crazy and I know it’s a risk to drop such lofty ideas but risks beg, they beg to be taken. Would it, could it be possible to inspire a cultural shift towards self-sustainability while putting a dent in the obesity and depression epidemics in the States while exemplifying true companization and providing an alternative food-to-consumer path? As you can tell I like to ask questions. I believe the answers are all Yes

Unfolding Thoughts

What find inspiring about the Plantagon greenhouse structure, as with the Companization model is the zany capacity for these structures, in material and ideological form, to hold a presence in both our present and future realities. As Karin Hassle emotionally connects in the documentary, this is really about the children, the world we are leaving them. Developing this, the world we are re-imagining, and literally, thanks to Plantagon and other forward-thinking companizations, the world we are currently building for them (in their name), will have room for innovations previously thought of as lofty, unattainable and literally too futuristic to be part of the current reality. Luckily, bravery is increasing. Perhaps, the urgency is felt more intensely by those awake enough to see. 

Many believe we are in the midst of a buoyant paradigm change. What better a way to ride this lifting surf than dropping, speaking and communicating all our wild ideas concerning Plantagon, the greenhouse and the Companization. 

The Kinetic Lowdown

Kinetic energy, sourced from children and/or adults could produce an alternative sustainable energy in order to assist in the powering of the greenhouse and/or annexed or adjacent structures.  Not only could this type of energy assist in the powering of the recently mentioned entities but the act of participating in the maintenance of a sustainable structure could have a positive ripple effect. 

Ripple Effect

This ripple effect could include increased cultural-value (relating to the Plantagon brand, the greenhouse product and the companization model) experienced by citizens and families of a participating city. Perhaps a direct-to-consumer discount could apply to families that work out in the charging station/gym/playground. Participation in kinetic energy-sourced exercise programs could also increase the mental, physical, and spiritual health of families participating. This could be doubly effective for those in areas where Seasonal Affective Disorder takes a strong hold during winter months. All the more reason to inspire community-sourced energy. 

Obesity is a problem in the U.S. and increasing in many other places where U.S. culture has a strong influence (like El Salvador).  In many places, the food desert (see Ron Finley’s Ted Talk  details ) only promotes the consumption of processed foods, addictive foods and and addictive substances like alcohol. 

Nada Es Imposible - Nothing Is Impossible

Click here for an example of an organization which has kinetic energy-based playgrounds in mind. Perhaps Plantagon should take a look or take notes for future consideration and discussion. It’s officially fashionable to take risks, speak your mind, imagine the impossible . 

How Companization Fits In

Companization could influence the creation of a model whereby sourcing community-based kinetic energy could be a form of solidarity (not charity) directly reaching the  consumer. It could be university, college, junior or community college based. Companization could engage stand-out departments, professors and most importantly, students in all stages of academia to research and develop the most efficient form or supportive model.


Takeaway Thoughts

This is an idea that another idea sprouted. I believe it’s good to think forward and remain in the present with an evolving perspective. I’d love to know what wild, crazy, formerly impossible ideas the Plantagon Greenhouse and the Companization inspired on your end. Let’s discuss. I look forward to your posts.


Thank you for taking time out to read this.

Change is happening.

Business as Usual is thankfully Over.




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    Brilliant ideas that can start a shift. Working towards them with meticulous design and flawless tenacity must the next steps. Great one, Liz.(again)
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    Your ideas!: Kinetic Energy - There’s crowd sourcing & then there’s Crowd Sourcing.
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