Companization Clubs for 10 or 11 Years Of Age.

Companization can be taught to children as young as 10 or 11, the equivalent of 5th or 6th grade in the US. Teaching ethics, collaboration, a healthy exchange of ideas and an evolved model for business to youth is essential for laying the groundwork and literally feeding the roots of the generations we are working for. For example, Model United Nations in high schools throughout the US are quite popular. Because school funding is  based on property taxes in the States, some schools have more money for clubs and programs than others. 


Another way to inspire youth to feel confident about their knowledge of companization would be to find a way to have underserved schools or districts receive the funding to run such a program, a class or a club centered around the companization model. Perhaps another way to bring companization to youth would be through community center-based initiatives perhaps worked into after school activity models. What are your thoughts on this? 








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    Thank you
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    I agree. Offering a product or program to support the Association could have great benefit. “Model Innovation” in the education sector is a great idea. Youth who undergo an Association-designed program in order to develop the freedom to innovate could/will have great impact on our green/sustainable future. Perhaps a beta program should be developed and a willing school board / summer program or youth-educational forum of any sort should be researched and sought out. Thoughts? An example of what was once considered fringe in the US but is gaining acceptance through scientific, educational and public health sectors is a course in mindfulness offered in Vermont through The Center For Mindful Learning. Since this is possible, teaching the companization model & running programs to nurture necessary innovative thought and action surely is within reach.
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    Another thought on the same idea could be to create such programs for Schools using the Association and then taking it as a product offering to the markets Plantagon is currently working in. Singapore for eg. has a very healthy green-conscious movement but nothing at the school level beyond visit to the farms. Model innovation in the education sector too is a possibility if done the right way.
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    Your ideas!: Companization Clubs for 10 or 11 Years Of Age.
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