Against Greed. For Food. For Being Yourself.

I am a Closure Right Member of Plantagon and I’m very much against greed. I’m also a poet so I truly feel the essence and effect of even the word, greed, in my bones. I just don’t see how the current approach to the Earth’s resources works for promoting health, balance, peace. I believe that sharing anything: food, expertise, humor, compassion, open source software and obviously, innovative ideas - leads to the promotion of what I understand to be an active peace (different from an absence of violence known as nonviolence). 


What I like best about my experience about being a Plantagon Ambassador is the acceptance I feel to be my natural self. At first, arriving in Stockholm, I found the people in Sweden to be extremely kind and supportive, especially when I was lost trying to find my way from street to street with their beautifully long words and dangling umlauts. After engaging Plantagon for over a year, I find that virtually and in-person, the mode at Plantagon HQ is ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘Take Risks’ and ‘Say The Difficult Thing’. 


Plantagon attracts members who know their purpose in life and those who seek to actualize their best selves. I’m speaking from experience. This work with Plantagon, this gift of experiencing the companization grow and the promise of the greenhouses really fill me up. I feel, with the staff, fellow members, Ambassadors and even, new members, a strong sense of camaraderie and respect. 

I invite you me as a member of Plantagon. The  Generation Share 10 Year Member is really the best deal when it comes to forward-thinking individuals. Questions? Email me.   


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  • commented 2013-11-20 16:38:49 +0100
    Dear Liz,

    As someone with the gift of poetic expressions, maybe you could help to create a more refined and artistic way of expressing human-food interactions to draw the right attention. Maybe normal is also boring. !!!
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    Your ideas!: Against Greed. For Food. For Being Yourself.
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