"... a company saying: There is a problem, we have the solution and you can be part of it."

Listen to Justine from France, Liz and Yussuf from the US tell you about Plantagon, why they joined Plantagon Companization and visited Stockholm last week to kick-off the Plantagon non-profit work to come.


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  • commented 2013-07-21 09:02:42 +0200
    Thank you Hans, Camilla, Shrikant, Yusuf, Justine, Maja, Owe… the list goes on. Hans, My energy is renewed as well. There is a self-actualization piece in this Plantagon story. We made this happen, together and it’s still happening, moving, growing.

    It’s no coincidence that we are all here working from different corners of the Earth, working together. I write from the “West Coast” of New England on the shores of a fresh water lake called Lake Champlain. I swam in it the other day. It felt like like a missing link to a puzzle I’ve been working on with friends, with community, with colleagues.

    There is an eccentricity about Plantagon, the greenhouse, the corporate structure, the companization, the example it is enacting. Equally, there is a turbulence it is responding to. What I liked best about the week in Stockholm was how gracefully and authentically we all opened and shared our critiques, concerns, ideas and frankly, just our regular selves. Plantagon is attracting and choosing some truly dedicated, passionate individuals. None of this is by accident. Again, thank you all.
  • commented 2013-07-10 22:24:22 +0200
    An old Indian adage – Change is truly a matter of the mind. What transforms outside the mind is just a manifestation of action – to each his own.

    Companization is the new era of change that should manifest itself in numerous ways, going forward. The youth of today should educate and progress forward the ideology for tomorrow. Corporate, Commercial & Social dictates of the current generation certainly needs to be thoroughly thought-through.

    What better way than to sow a few seeds in young versatile intelligent minds.?
  • commented 2013-07-09 23:51:05 +0200
    Plantagon is not just talking about making a change, it is doing what it expects should be done. I am honored to be amongst such a cohort of innovative, intelligent, and beautiful people. We are embarking on a paradigm shift which constitutes hearing and being present. Business as usual is over! The Companization isn’t a theory anymore. Thank you Hans and the entire Plantagon team for investing and believing in us! History indeed will show that a small group of dedicated people believed and did, change the world! As has always been the case.
  • commented 2013-07-09 11:46:12 +0200
    Thank you Justine, Liz and Yussuf for renewing my energy.

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