During 30 years, the founders of Plantagon® developed an alternative organizational model that assumes the effectiveness of the company and at the same time creates a balance between economic forces and social responsibility.

We call it the Companization, a hybrid between a for-profit company and an association open for all. First we launched Plantagon International AB. Now it´s time for Plantagon International Association. Check out action plan on slides below.

Our objective is:

  • To raise financial and marketing support for innovators and companies that seek to meet societal challenges through economically competitive solutions.

  • Challenging shortsightedness in the present system, we invite 100 000 individuals to create a farsighted community sharing necessary risk in innovations for a sustainable future.

We call it inverted micro financing, social risk capital for a ”green stock market”, or… Inclusive Capitalism.

We are shareholders. We created Plantagon International AB - awarded as one of the 100 best innovation companies in the world, and we own 10%. We are social innovators. We created the Companization - a more inclusive and democratic corporate governance model that institutionalizes sound values and ethics to protect the company from greed. We are modern business people. We prove that sharing and high ability to respond on societal challenges create high share holder value. We invest. We invite 100 000 individuals to create a community, sharing necessary risk in innovations for a sustainable future. We use our power. We steer the companies where we have ownership towards concretely contributing to a sustainable future - far beyond policy making. We educate. We offer seminars, practical tools and certification for good corporate citizenship within the areas of our companies´ businesses.

Global business has become the most influential institution in society. The corporate structure and its legislation are not prepared for this role yet. There is obviously a need to create companies going beyond profit as the main reason to exist, and certainly also going beyond even the sustainability imperative.

We believe a value change towards economic farsightedness is needed if future generations are to survive. For this change to happen, entrepreneurs and corporations must get access to social risk capital: a ”green stock market” that challenges shortsightedness. Equity for inclusive entrepreneurs.

We will never make it alone, but we will succeed with your help.

The Action Plan, what we are up to.

The Companization on a white board.

Oren Lyons, co-founder and Chairman of Plantagon International Association.

Hans Hassle, co-founder and Secretary-General of Plantagon International Association.


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